Item No:CTE-25AS Hydraulic Electric Pump

Product Name: electric ultra-high pressure pump (small hydraulic pump imitation imports)

1, Model: CTE-25AS
2, rated working pressure: 70MPa high-pressure, low pressure 7MPa
3, high pressure / low pressure flow: 0.6L/min 3.5L/min
4, the motor power: 600W
5, voltage: 220V
6, current: 3A
7, frequency: 50Hz
8, speed: 1400r/min
Dimensions: 26 × 18 × 38CM
10, the oil storage volume: 4L
11, Weight: 15 kg

Functional Description
1, the CTE-25AS series electric pump systems single-phase asynchronous motors, solenoid valves, high pressure oil pump, fuel tank composed of ultra-high pressure pump with a small size, high pressure, light weight, simple structure, can be wired remote easy to use, etc..
2, the pump to work when the pressure changes can be observed at any time, ad hoc pressure gauge, so that users observe the changes in the work at any time. The control switch according to user needs, with a manual switch or footswitch. With a pressure relief valve and solenoid valve
Features: high and low pressure out of fuel fast, turbine oil absorption up to the most significant oil.
4, the pressure relief valve overload protection device to avoid overloading the destruction or excessive pressing 700kg/cm ² automatic pressure relief
5, the tubing can be any enough longer, with a quick connector. Factory with a high-pressure tubing before: a Φ16 × 2 meters.
6, tubing connector with 3/8 "thread.
7, dual pump single oil

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